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Denise Spain

“Fantasy is the impossible made probable. Science-fiction is the improbable made possible.” -Rod Serling

Crossroads Series Out Now!

Mysterious roads appear across the Spokane region, along with creatures only seen in myth. Ettie investigates their existence and how to control the portals, all while trying to save her best friend, Nolan from the darkness consuming him. She seeks support from her cousin, Mac, and other unlikely allies, including a djinn by the name of Aram.

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About the Author

When not out seeking adventures with her two children and husband, Denise Spain holes up in her laundry room (i.e., office) and creates adventures for her characters. Whether it is surviving in some dystopian future, or teaming up with Sasquatch and other mythical creatures, all her stories involve people figuring themselves out. Life and good story-telling should be about the fundamentals: living life to its fullest, love, and self-discovery.

Why I Write

I’ve always felt that books are feelings made manifest through the written word. Writing them allows people to experience the world from your perspective. This is why I tell stories, to put characters out there that people love, or love to hate, and take them on a journey to another place or time–maybe one they’ve never been to before.

Book Series

Book Series

Writing Fantasy

Fantasy stories take us to our world reimagined. Lions, tigers, and bears turn into vampires, werewolves, and fairies. It’s horror and pleasure and pain all rolled up into metaphor and analogy. Fantasy stories are the ultimate escape from reality.

Writing Science-Fiction

Sci-fi allows us to look at our own humanity and question everything. Whether in spaceships or battling for life in a dystopian future, it looks at a person’s most infallible traits, put’s them in a futuristic plot blender, and pushes the button.

Press and News

  • Check out my interview on All Author! (Link)
  • Taos Toolbox, June 5-19, 2022
  • Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference September 23-25, 2022

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