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About Denise Spain

I tell stories about ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

My Story

When I was thirteen, my dad brought home the original Star Wars series. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked, whether through screen or print. Tolkien, Feist, Rodenberry, and Tepper created vivid worlds that I yearned to be a part of, and I knew from that moment on I wanted to do this for people, use my imagination to make them laugh, think, cry, shout, and leave reality behind for a few hours

Now, I’m a speculative fiction author, educator, and storyteller in Southeastern Washington. I truly believe that no matter where you come from or who you are you have a story to tell. That through writing you see the world and visualize what could be or might have been. This is what I try to do in all my stories.

I once watched an interview with an actor from one of the Star Trek TV shows. She said that Gene Rodenberry’s original concept always brought the story back down to the human element and relationships, it was never just about the hero’s journey. This is something that has stuck with me as the epitome of good storytelling.

The most captivating stories always relate back to humanity figuring themselves out.

Crossroads, my first series, is out through DLG Publishing Partners.

Customer Reviews

“I was disappointed when the story ended. I wanted more! The book draws you in immediately and then takes you in a different direction. I recommend this book.” –Amazon Customer Review

“That first chapter! ???"–TL, Facebook Comment for The Big Sink

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