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Reasons to Read

Whether you like Fantasy or Science-Fiction, or just relatable characters put in extreme situations, these books will take you along twists and turns, and make you excited to read the next one!


“A strange world you’ve found.”

“You don’t know the half of it.”

– excerpt from Long Lake


Crossroads Series Out Now!

Published through DLG Publishing Partners, these first novellas are fast-paced, quick reads that take you through the forests of the Pacific Northwest to downtown Spokane, Washington. Dig in and meet Ettie and Nolan as they fight Reapers, Shadowmen, and Native-American myths such as the Ya-o-gah bear and Two-Face.

The beast reached the rim and dropped to all fours. Giant jaws unhinged and it howled its piercing shriek. The roar reverberated throughout the Big Sink. I clutched the revolver tighter and the boulder held me steady. Sasquatch. Nolan and I had found a damn Sasquatch.

-The Big Sink, Book 1

“Aram nodded his head. "These crossroads are ancient and unused for a great many of your years. They are crumbling and will soon fade away. Whoever attempted to open this did not think the Keepers would still be patrolling such old thoroughfares and triggered a failed crossing.” He stood, the cane clasped in his right hand and the book he'd been reading nowhere in sight. "Now, your payment."

-Riverfront, Book 2

“Two cobbled roads shimmered on the sand, crossing in a perfect ninety-degree intersection. An old-fashioned four-faced stoplight atop a green filigreed pole stood at least two stories tall in the middle. Street signs, the words obscured, pointed one way and another. A park bench, legs nestled in the sand, held Aram and a dark-skinned woman of indeterminate age, her loose hair as black as a panther's. She wore a midnight blue cloak covering scaled armor that absorbed the light.”

Long Lake, Book 3

Customer Reviews for The Big Sink

"Very engaging characters and descriptive imagery. I felt immersed in the experience with the heroine. I can't wait to read more from this author!"

Christina, Amazon Customer Review

“Interesting story that's very different from the usual fair on the market today. The narrative is fluid and flows. Nothing awkward or chunky, taking the reader out of the story. The opening is fantastic. If anything, read it, and I'm certain you won't put the book down.”

Suzanne, Amazon Customer Review

Science Fiction

Cooper scanned the horizon from the back of the cart, a rifle across his lap. Heatwaves danced in the distance above the parched, desolate landscape, and dust devils swirled in gleeful delight at having free rein. It was a sharp contrast to the lush, green farms of his past.

-excerpt from Lost Things

Stories Coming Soon!

Short Story Coming Soon

Novel Coming Soon

Sneak Peak Snippet: Cooper envisioned the homestead as it had been once upon a time: the fields green with crops ready to harvest, dogs barking in the barnyard, horses grazing in the pasture, and a tire swing hanging from one of the trees. Now, it only reminded him of all the lost things broken and forgotten, scattered to the four-winds of this miserable planet. There were no crops, no dogs, and only the tire remained, sticking up half-buried under years of soil drift. He hadn’t been home for more years than he could count—long before everything went to shit in a hand basket. What would he do if somebody had squatted in his parents’ old house? Kill them? Or let them live?

-excerpt from new short story

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Crossroads series?

On Amazon in the e-book format here. All four in the series will be in a hard copy anthology soon.

What is your upcoming book, Territory, about?

Territory is a dark drama set in a future world destroyed by humanity’s ever-increasing need for power. I hate to call it dystopian because there is a lot of connotation with that word. It’s about people’s relationships with each other and the environment around them. It’s about this group of people who are trying to right the wrongs of the past and protect the future. Though that looks very different to different people.

How can find your free short story Lost Things?

You can find the short story Lost Things, (link). It is the introduction to the world of the Territory and one of the main characters, Cooper.

Who published the Crossroads series?

My novellas are published through DLG Publishing Partners, LLC. They are a small publishing house and you can find out more information about them (link).

Do you have any future projects in the works?

After I finish Territory, I’ll be writing a short novel for my publisher. Maybe something a little lighter, like a little paranormal romance or something with aliens. Stay tuned!

How many books are in the Crossroads series?

There are four novellas in the series. Deep Valley, coming soon, is the end of Ettie and Nolan’s adventure. Though, her cousin Mac might have his own series in the future.

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